Plan and strategy unit of human rights

Plan and Research and Studies Unit for Human Rights

1 – the establishment of a scientific conference specialist of each academic year on human rights .

2 – to establish scientific research and studies in the field of human rights competent and all its ramifications .

3 – A workshop and training courses for the staff of the university by teaching and research unit so as to consolidate and develop a culture of human rights .

4 – Work on the publication of research and specialized studies in the field of human rights in the scientific journal of the unit are manufactured research and on an annual basis and is based on the calendar research committee Court supervised by Mr. Dean, Faculty of Law Esquire .

5 – Work on the establishment of a cooperation agreement between the research unit and the International Institute for Human Rights .

6 – try to work as a consultant to raise the research and recommendations to the relevant stakeholders in order to make Iraqi laws are consistent with international standards and the Iraqi constitution and in coordination with the Advisory Office of the Faculty of Law .

7 – organization -specific search form include the degree of complexity and importance of research and the time required and the potential , expertise and material base for its implementation.

8 – the formation of the Office of Media for the unit to deploy the unit of research activities through various media to raise awareness of the scientific concerned with human rights .

Strategy and Research and Studies Unit for Human Rights

   Unity adopt long-term strategy aims unit through this strategy to achieve a set of objectives centered on the following: –

1 – provide students with the knowledge assets on research related to human rights .

2 – Qualifying students to research skills concerned with human rights will help them to strengthen democratic thought and how to keep human rights in the new Iraq .

3 – developing the capacity of students to think analytically and Altaesela and creative imagination .

4 – Prepare students scientifically qualified to undertake the tasks and activities relevant to human rights so that they are able to contribute in various sectors regarding the control of the violations of human rights and how to lend a helping hand to the affected groups .

5 – Preparation of competent cadres and associated with the various areas relating to human rights.

6 – conducting and publishing scientific research to enrich the knowledge in the field of human rights studies .

7 – advising on human rights and cooperation with governmental bodies and institutions and non-governmental organizations .

8 – organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and seminars dialogue to increase friction between the scientific and academic professionals.

9 – raising the scientific level of the graduates and by organizing courses regulatory played them before and after graduation.