Vision, mission and objectives

College of Law looking  for occupies a privileged position among law colleges  at the local level , the regional levels and international, working to gain the trust of the community and the beneficiaries of legal education by providing a distinguishing environment for teaching and learning , research and community service.
Message college
Faculty of Law looking  for place   a program of study distinct to those who joined  college , and set  the foundations for maintaining public freedoms , and maintenance the value of human rights and garret of his  duties of , and interest in legal research  that based on  innovation and creativity , which contribute to solving community issues .
Objectives of the College
Provide appropriate scientific environment for the promotion of creativity in various legal sciences , through the adoption of a distinct academic programs , in order to graduate qualified and trained staffs are doing business and legal legitimacy , by learning  about the latest developments in the field of legal science .
Also Provide graduates with the skills crisis, continuing education , and equip them with abilities that enable them to collect their own legal knowledge , and the creation of the basic capabilities that enable them to update and keep up with future  developments.