Vision and mission of Human Rights Unit

 Vision of unity

After placinga clear strategyfor the unity ofresearch andhuman rightshas been formulatedvision of unityas followsUnit seekstogain the trust ofthe community andthe beneficiaries ofcollege graduates, which is expected tooccupya privileged positioninthe Faculty of LawUniversity of AL-Qadisiyahin particular andIraq in generalby providingan environmentcharacteristicof teaching and learningand scientific researchanduniversity and community service.

Message of unity

Is a research unit of the first research units in the Middle Euphrates, it was founded in 2011 and summed up the message of unity in the following: 

1 – configuration of scientific research for those matriculating and a culture of justice and the protection of the rights and legal status of the people. 

2 – lay the foundations of public freedoms and upholding the value of human discerning including his rights and duties of it. 

3 – graduating qualified research means human rights and be qualified scientifically and practically a senior with acquiring the ability to collect on their own knowledge and increase their ability to update and keep up with the rapid developments in the region and the world.